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Hey Supercell, Clash Royale team. You are a real MVP cause this morning i got a surprise from the silver chest that i put to open yesterday.. I got the electro wait for the ending, wizard, the electro wizard.. thank you guys..



Everything you see in this trailer is all the movie amounts to. All that's missing is the woman's motivation that makes her the antagonist which really doesn't add to the story at all 👎🚮. The movie feels like a really long short film and will bore you. How do I know? It's already online..

It's freaking inposible to catch a flying axe in real life

Oh, What is that smell? Nerf Incoming!



I almost forgot his name i see him in alot if movies and tv like sound of music, and true blood Stephen moyer right?

  • They actually spoiled the movie in the first few minutes, there was this scene that just spoiled everything.
  • The three stooges who invaded the house, their acting was really bad and unconvincing at all.
  • The editing was not that great and distracting sometimes,

There were really some interesting stuff here and there that makes you say 'well, that's interesting' but it wasn't explored in a new way so by the end of the movie all you can say is ''meh, seen better'' and you move on to other stuff.....

How is named the song of the end of the movie?

I love home invasion movies so when I saw this movie and read the plot I got really excited. Let's see what makes this movie a meh one:.

Looks a lot like Law Abiding Citizen. The ending ruined the entire movie.



Gave me a rather Vikings impression. I'm so down for this!

After School Knife


5660514 the whole just shown in this trailer IMDB 4,9 Who is here before this video gets 1M views? lol God he was weak in this SUCCROYALE double the attack is gone 0:30 looks like Jew's iPad

His card used to look nice until they changed it is this the whole movie? FEMO? VIVAL'AFFEEEEGA! HEY ELITE BARBARIANS??? pfff... EXECUTIONER? pfff ELITE BARBARIAN EXECUTIONER? yhea... Rip minions fack boia who clocked noel clarke had suttin to do wiv this Trailer gave away toooo much The Executioner lacks in health so that's his only weakness??? relily Kelly as batgirl in the batman movie 2019 Executioner is a really good card... but not by my enemies. i'm freaking out when I see the Executioner ^^

So wats the point of this movie ? Wonder does it try to make the Ashram or eastern spiritaulity look bad with a lack of understanding from a higher perspective. Mega minion and Executioner are the only cards that didn't get buffed after 3 days from release day 👀👀 Full Movie The Zen Diaries of Garry Shandling amazon

No one lives 2?

This unit is over powered. Kind a.... It attack air and ground at once. Hard to kill. It has too long range throwing axe. And i hate to use and meet this. Its fffffff Introducing.......…........................................A card that should be nerfed!!!! Ah! This is just the card I've been needing! Thanks Supercell!

wouldn't watch twice, worth a watch (I guess), rate it a 6.6

I am so excited to watch this show. I just hope that us the Welsh are shown to be different to the English, now that would blow me away. It will be a nice change. I also hope that this will get Hollywood motivated to do some movies on Mabinogion, excluding King Arthur of course, that's been done to death. 😁.. Wow, that's gonna be mediocre. Thank's , just saw the movie in less than 2 min :/ FAIL!



I like his jeans😂





  • 1000 / 1000